Kenya Hot Tub


People Dimension Jets
5 83 × 83 × 38 in 52
Pumps Dry / Wet (lbs) Power
2 893 lbs 50A / 220VAC
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The Kenya Hot Tub is a medium-size hot tub designed for five people with two loungers and three seats. It includes 52 jets, water features and LED lights.  Using 2 x 5BHP pumps, the jet pressure is powerful, and therefore the hydrotherapy is exceptional.

Elevate your hot tub experience with unbeatable features including captivating shell colours and stunning side panel options, 52 strategically positioned jets for mesmerizing formations, ozone water clarifier for crystal-clear water, 2 x BHP LX Pumps with advanced technology.

Kenya Hot Tub is Quality, Stylish and comfortable for 5 people.

Jet formation

  • 52 jets in total
  • 3 x 5-inch jets
  • 20 x 3-inch jets
  • 29 x 1.5-inch jets

Rotating jets

The rotating jet provides an intense pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at relieving tension in the back.

Directional jets

This style of directional jet provides a less intense pressure point massage. This is more effective at soothing aching muscles.

Additional information

Cabinet Color


Shell Color

Midnight Canyon, Odessey, Sterling Silver